【 Office365 アップデート 】Office365スタートページのデフォルト仕様変更


Office365 に関する Major Change Update 情報(2019/1/31付)をご案内いたします。ユーザがログインした時、最初に目にするスタートページの仕様が変わるようです。




※ Nortification の解釈に誤りがございましたら申し訳ございません。


Currently in Office 365, there is a setting that allows users to personalize what page they land on when they log into Office 365. Office.com has evolved to pull a user’s most relevant apps, documents and places where they are working —all in one place–and consequently will be the default page a user lands on when signing into Office 365 at Office.com

This enhancement is related to Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 45971.

[How does this impact me?]

We initially designed the start page setting to bring users to a preferred app faster. Now that Office.com has evolved to provide quick access not only to default and recently used apps but also recent and recommended files and places, we are retiring the setting for users to select a different default start page.

Of course, users can continue to leverage browser bookmarks and direct URL navigation to apps like Outlook to get straight to the app of their choice.

In March, users who have set a start page other than Office.com will be directed to Office.com when they log-in.

[What should I do to prepare for this change?]

You don’t need to do anything but may consider informing your users of the upcoming change and encouraging them to bookmark, in the browser, the page they’ve set their start page to. Consider also updating your user training and notifying your help desk.