【 Office365 アップデート 】Office365 管理センターにおけるサポート機能強化


Office365 に関する Major Change Update 情報(2019/2/21付)をご案内いたします。

2019年第一四半期より、Office365 の管理センターで提供しているサポート機能(ヘルプデスクに問い合わせるやつですね)を強化するようです。従来、チケットの受付状況(エンジニアをアサインしたか否か)等の非常に簡素な情報しか提供されていませんでした。この状況を改善するとのことです。具体的には、サポート品質向上を目的として『 サポートに電話連絡してほしい希望時間を提示する機能 』、『 ケースの重大度を指定できる機能 』、および『 過去13カ月のケース履歴をエクスポートする機能 』など、複数の新機能を提供するとのことです。

サポート機能強化自体は喜ばしいことです。但し、個人的には、サポートの調査能力・提案能力といった『 そもそものサポート品質 』が上がらないことには…と思わずにはいられないです…


※ Nortification の解釈に誤りがございましたら申し訳ございません。


Microsoft 365 support is designed to be effective, efficient, and transparent to ensure a high-quality experience. We hope the new support features coming soon to the Microsoft 365 admin center will help reduce time to resolution and improve the overall transparency and effectiveness of the support process.

These updates do not apply to Office 365 subscriptions in GCC at this time.

[How does this affect me?] The updated support experience will begin rolling out in the first quarter of calendar year 2019, first to targeted release admins, then to all admins. The classic support experience will remain available for a limited time.

These features include:
Full page ticket history- Review all communications with support directly from the admin center.

Resolution steps- Immediately view service request resolution steps. These details will only show up for service requests that have been created after the new experience has been deployed.

Callback scheduling- Receive support directly from Microsoft on your schedule with the ability to request a call from support at a specific time. Add attachments and notes to your support ticket to provide context.

User defined case severity- Define the severity of your issue (Premier A/B/C and Unified is critical/non-critical) to quickly receive the appropriate level of support. Sev A/Critical is limited to Phone cases as this provides you with the fastest option to address the issue at hand.

Case History export- Export all cases that were created in the past 13 months.

Description character limit increased to 2500 characters- Provide a more detailed description. With this change, the search box will decrease in size as we have now added a larger description box.

Intelligent self-serve solutions- Receive immediate help from an automated assistant and find better solutions with improved search, powered by machine learning. Solutions will keep improving as you use them and will draw from an ever-increasing repository including but not limited to service health dashboard, support articles, and diagnostic wizards.

Updated Service Request view- Visualize where you are at in the life cycle of the service request.

[What do I need to do to prepare for this change?] You do not need to do anything to prepare for this change but may want to update your documentation.