【 Office365 アップデート 】LinkedInの新機能、Officeファイルを外部共有!?

Office365 に関する Major Change Update 情報(2019/3/13付)をご案内いたします。

2019年3月末から4月末にかけて、Office365に新機能が追加されます。具体的には、LinkedIn 経由で、組織外の関係者と Word や PowerPoint 等のOfficeファイルを簡単に共有できるようになるそうです。



※ Nortification の解釈に誤りがございましたら申し訳ございません。


The ability to share and coauthor documents with LinkedIn connections directly from OneDrive, SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online is a new Office 365 feature. We’ll begin rolling this feature out soon.

This enhancement is related to Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs 48534.

We are rolling out a new feature to OneDrive, SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Online powered by LinkedIn to enhance the way users connect and collaborate with people outside their organization. This is one of the new experiences powered by LinkedIn that enhances the way users collaborate and build relationships by providing contextual insights and contact information for the people they work with, inside and outside their organization.

This rollout is excluded from Microsoft 365 subscriptions in GCC at this time.

This will roll out to Targeted Release starting at the end of March and is expected to complete worldwide by the end of April.

[How does this impact me?] With this update, users will be able to find many of their first-degree LinkedIn connections as people suggestions when sharing files or folders from OneDrive, SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online. This makes it easier for employees in your organization to collaborate with people outside your organization without needing to know their email addresses.

This update respects all the existing external sharing policies and settings that you have configured in your organization. For example, this update will not suddenly enable external sharing with LinkedIn contacts for files which are not allowed to be shared externally. The OneDrive common sharing experience also implements safeguards to limit accidental external sharing by informing users when they have selected someone outside their organization.

[What should I do to prepare for this change?] Both administrators and end users have control over this experience. Information for administrators is here: LinkedIn integration, including how to disable. End users with enabled accounts must opt-in by securely connecting their LinkedIn and Microsoft accounts before they can use this feature. Connect your LinkedIn and Microsoft accounts has information for end users about how to connect, what is shared, what’s not shared, and an FAQ.

Please review your existing sharing policies to verify your experience with this new feature.

Data is shared between the accounts to enable enhanced experiences in both Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn. We respect their privacy and honor settings across both services. For example, the feature will not work if a first-degree connection is not sharing their email with their network. The feature also will not use data from Office 365 to send automatic LinkedIn invites.