【 Office365 アップデート 】Word等によるリンク貼付時のアクセス制限強化

Office365 に関する Major Change Update 情報(2019/3/21付)をご案内いたします。

2019年4月、「Word」「Outlook for Windows」「Outlook for iOS」のリンク挿入によって共有されたドキュメントに対するアクセス制限が強化されます。具体的には、それらのドキュメントに対しても、「OneDrive」 および「SharePoint」において予め規定した組織レベルのアクセス許可設定が適用されることになるようです。

Office 関連製品は何かと連携でき過ぎるあまり、セキュリティが不安なところがあります。しかし、企業が積極的に活用しやすいように、セキュリティ強化も着実に強化されているようですね。


※ Nortification の解釈に誤りがございましたら申し訳ございません。


We are making updates to key Office 365 apps to ensure that document sharing by inserting links in Word, Outlook for Windows and Outlook for iOS uses the permission you’ve set at the organization level for OneDrive and SharePoint. This change aligns with the expected permission level for email recipients and collaboration partners when inserting sharable links into Outlook messages and Word.

This enhancement is related to Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs 33156 and 33870.

[How does this impact me?] In April, Monthly Channel subscribers of Outlook for Windows and Word will start to see a new dialogue box when they chose to insert a link in an email or a Word document that lets them know that a sharable link is being retrieved.

Inserting a link for a shared document in email (including Outlook for iOS) and Word will continue to show clear, actionable text reflecting the file name as it exists in OneDrive and SharePoint.

The permissions for the links in email and Word will default to the organization’s Sharing settings in the OneDrive Admin center, either “Shareable: Anyone with the link” or “Internal: Only people in your organization with the link”. The setting “Direct: Specific people” is not yet supported and the permission will default to the most permissive available link, if available. With this change, links will now almost always work for your email recipients. See Additional Information for more information about setting organization level permissions in OneDrive and SharePoint.

[What should I do to prepare for this change?] There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change however you may wish to review the external sharing setting in the OneDrive Admin settings to ensure it complies with your company policies.